A Midlands based logistics business continues to benefit annually from 12% savings in fuel costs and CO2 emissions, 2 years after applying our FRS-1 friction reducing lubricant.

FRS-1 Case Study


Our Midlands based customer transports goods across the region with a fleet of HGVs delivering both locally and further afield. Their vehicles carry medium to heavy loads on journeys ranging from 20-100 miles.


Our customer’s HGVs complete journeys continually every day making fuel and vehicle maintenance their main costs. When they approached us, they were also very concerned with reducing their CO2 emissions with the announcement of the Government’s Net Zero targets for the UK.


FRS-1 is a revolutionary oil additive that can be applied to the engine, gear box and transmission of any vehicle and reduces friction, temperature, and wear as a result. 

  1. Reduce Fuel Costs

  2. Reduce CO2 Emissions

  3. Increase Fuel Efficiency

  4. Reduce Vehicle Wear And Tear


Within days of applying FRS-1 to the customer’s HGVs, telematics showed an increase in MPG of 7%. For the remainder of the month, we saw that the fuel efficiency gradually improved to 12% when compared to the original data obtained from the vehicles. Two years on, the HGVs have maintained this 12% increase in fuel efficiency resulting in many benefits for the customer: 


"After the government announced new plans for their Net Zero targets, we were keen to move quickly to start our journey towards reducing our CO2 emissions. Like many others, the pandemic hit us, so we were also looking for ways to reduce our costs and improve our margins."

"From the moment we met with MRS, it was clear that they could help us achieve our targets. It wasn't long before we were reaping the benefits of the FRS-1 lubricant. It's great to see our monthly fuel bill reducing and the telematics have given us a clear view of how our HGVs are performing better week on week. Thanks to everyone at MRS."

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Our mission is to remove 20% of fuel costs and CO2 emissions globally.