About us

Finding A Permanent Solution Is Our Ultimate Goal!

Our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of any industry and creating a reliable product to serve them all.

With over 70 years’ combined experience within the Oil industry, MRS Additives was established as a Green Tech company to make a step change in oil-based additives designed to continually deliver significant fuel and CO2 emission savings through application in engines, gearboxes, and transmissions. Applying this deep level of knowledge in combination with extensive research, development, testing and Artificial Intelligence we have created a game, life and planet changing additive that delivers up to 20% savings in both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

With the issue of Global Warming becoming an ever present and increasing threat to the planet, combined with the reality other options being developed to address this will take decades to deploy to become truly effective, we focussed on how we could create a product that could be implemented with ease and take immediate effect once applied. We have now achieved this with proven solutions in scientific laboratory tests, field-based testing and with live customers. 

From the initiation of the idea to developing a solution that would reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel we thought more broadly and how we could also have a positive impact to counter inflationary pressures, rising fuel costs, asset run costs and lengthen capital replacement timings. We are proud to have achieved all of these and launched FRS-1 to the market in 2023. 

We apply our values of Trust, Expertise, Transparency and Care to our business, employees and customers and through the use of telematics we actively live these values through sharing fact-based data proving the capability of our products and services.

Our work doesn’t stop here, and we are continuing our research and development to create further solutions that are effective across multiple industries and deliver savings in CO2 emissions and fuel in excess of 20%.

Our mission is to remove 20% of fuel costs and CO2 emissions globally.