A building supplies company reduced their CO2 emissions by 12.26% HGV fuel costs by 14.10% after implementing our revolutionary friction reducing lubricant.

FRS-1 Case Study


Our West Midlands based customer deliver building materials across the region. Moving everything from timber to bricks, our customer has a fleet of HGVs carrying medium to heavy loads on journeys ranging from 5-150 miles.


With ever-increasing business costs, price of fuel and inflationary pressures, our customer was looking for ways to both protect and increase their margins by reducing the amount they spent on running their business. Fuel expenditure made up a large portion of these costs which drove them to look for a solution.


FRS-1 is a revolutionary oil additive that can be applied to the engine, gear box and transmission of any vehicle and reduces friction, temperature, and wear as a result.

  1. Reduce Fuel Costs

  2. Reduce CO2 Emissions

  3. Increase Fuel Efficiency

  4. Reduce Vehicle Wear And Tear


Our customer began reaping the benefits of FRS-1 almost instantly. Within days their fuel efficiency had increased and continued to improve over the following weeks. After 4 weeks, fuel expenditure had significantly reduced when compared to the previous month and vehicles were travelling further whilst consuming less fuel. 


"When we were first introduced to FRS-1 we thought it was too good to be true. We didn't think it was possible for an additive to have an immediate effect with such huge benefits."

"We were shocked by the noticeable reduction in fuel costs and by how simple MRS made the whole process. The telematics that MRS provided were also extremely eye-opening and have given us a lot more insight into how we can run our vehicles to cut even more costs."

"Working with MRS is an absolute no brainer if you want to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions."

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Our mission is to remove 20% of fuel costs and CO2 emissions globally.