Introducing FRS-1, a revolutionary high pressure oil additive that has been engineered to enhance engine performance and prolong engine life.

By providing superior lubrication, our cutting-edge oil additive offers unrivalled protection and efficiency, helping vehicles and machinery manage high loads and demands.

Key features

+ Reduces fuel costs and carbon emissions by up to 20%
+ Takes minutes to apply
+ Starts working immediately
+ Lasts between vehicle services
+ Reduces internal friction, minimising wear and tear on engine components
+ Provides superior lubrication under extreme conditions
+ Reduces heat within the engine
+ Ensures optimal engine performance in all environments
+ No capital investment required


FRS-1 delivers many benefits that support your business operations, finances and sustainability objectives. Due to FRS-1’s ability to take immediate effect and maintain performance between vehicle servicing, the overall return on investment is not only substantial but also only takes two to twelve weeks to be achieved. This makes it an excellent solution right now whilst the costs of transitioning to alternative sustainable solutions remain high.

  • Achieves fuel cost savings of up to 20%
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Lowers vehicle maintenance costs
  • Increases vehicle operation time by reducing potential breakdowns
  • Improves cash flow 
  • No capital investment required
  • Lowers the total cost of vehicle ownership 
  • Extends future capital replacement investment cycles as vehicles will run longer
  • Helps to fund the cost of replacement vehicles
  • Reduces vehicle downtime
  • Coats and protects internal moving parts in the engine, gearbox and driven axle
  • Reduces maintenance time
  • Delivers a smoother driving experience
  • No inconvenience for the driver
  • Last between services
  • Works in combustion, electric, HVO and hydrogen-based vehicles
  • Achieves a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 20%
  • Contributes to Net Zero commitments across Scope 1 and Scope 3 
  • Delivers long term carbon emissions reductions

The below example is based on one HGV operating for 40K, 80K and 120K miles / year:

@40,000 miles/year

Savings range *

  5% £1,781

10% £3,562

15% £5,343

@ 80,000 miles / year

Savings range *

  5% £  3,562

10% £  7,124

15% £14,248

@120,000 miles/year

Savings range *

  5% £  7,124

10% £14,248

15% £21,372


What is the cost?

The cost will vary depending on the vehicle being dosed as each may take a different amount of FRS-1. The price of our product is £500/litre and the amount required is only 2% of the total oil capacity of a vehicle. To give an example, a 10 litre V12 truck engine holding 44 litres of oil in the engine would require 880ml of FRS-1. The cost of this would be £440. The gearbox and axle will also require differing amounts. 

The application process is simple and straight forward. We ask you to warm up the engine first, then turn off the truck. Once turned off we allocate the oil filling point for the engine, gearbox and axle, remove the filler cap and apply the friction reducer through a mastic style applicator. The gearbox and axle require access through the underside of the truck and so would need to be over a service pit to do so safely. Once applied your good to go and drive the truck as normal. 

The friction reducer is designed to mix with the existing oil and bond with the moving parts such as bearings and in doing so it reduces the friction created by general vehicle use. Through reducing the friction this in turn lowers the wear that arise as parts within the engine, gearbox and axle can move more easily. 

There are other products, additives and lubricants on the market, and we can’t really comment as to why someone else hasn’t come up with the formula and recipe we have. It may be down to the amount of trying, failing, trying again over a lengthy period of time that puts many off or something else. It can be a long process to get it right and requires resilience and unfettering desire to create a solution that delivers so many benefits. 

Yes, we offer a free trial. This is how our free trial works:

  1. You identify a truck for the trial. 
  2. Confirm you have telematics operational on the chosen truck (if not we can arrange this for you). 
  3. We take an oil sample to confirm the status of the engine from the inside. 
  4. If the oil sample confirms a clean bill of heath, we then arrange with you to come to site and dose the truck. 
  5. You then drive the truck for a period of 4 weeks. 
  6. At the end of the 4 weeks, we review the results with you. 

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Our goal is to develop lubricants that make a step-change in sustainability and are of significant commercial benefit.