FRS-1E for Engines

Introducing FRS-1 from MRS Additives, this revolutionary high pressure oil additive has been engineered to enhance engine performance and prolong engine life.

As engines face increased demands, this cutting-edge additive offers unparalleled protection and efficiency.

Key features

+ Starts working immediately once applied
+ Reduces internal friction, minimising wear and tear on engine components
+ Provides superior lubrication under extreme conditions
+ Reduces heat within the engine
+ Ensures optimal engine performance in all environments


Easy to apply

For ideal results:

Step 1: Start and allow the engine to warm up.

Step 2: Turn off the engine, locate the engine oil filling point and apply the recommended measure.*

Step 3: Replace the engine filler cap.

Step 4: Start the engine and run on idle for 15 minutes.

Step 5: Enjoy the benefits from the moment you start driving.

*Make sure engine oil will not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended levels before adding FRS-1E.
*Only use as directed on vehicles in sound mechanical condition.

*Recommended measure may vary dependent upon the engine.
*OEM specifications for maximum oil fill after the application of FRS-1E to be followed at all times.

Test Results

Proving FRS-1 with total transparency

Proving FRS-1 in lab conditions

Telematics - providing you with total transparency

Proving the value of FRS-1 is made totally transparent through vehicle telematics.

  • Telematics records vehicle usage through a number of metrics including distance and time travelled, vehicle performance, impact of load and much more.
  • We record and measure fuel and carbon savings performance prior to and post the application of FRS-1 to provide fact-based confirmation of its effect.
  • This allows customers to make the investment decision into our products very simple and easy.

Scientific test results

Standard Co-efficient of friction is 1 6% reduction in engine wear at cold
Tests confirmed a 6.5% reduction in the co-efficient of friction 16% reduction in engine wear once coated

The higher the reduction in friction results in lower wear and tear while also lowering the load on the engine. The results speak for themselves.

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