At £500/litre, our FRS-1 friction reducer is an affordable solution that can help you save on your fuel costs and carbon emissions immediately.

The volume of FRS-1 required is only 2% of the total oil capacity of your vehicle and with the wide variety of HGV makes, models and engines, the amount of FRS-1 you need, and therefore the cost, will vary.

The price range guide provides an idea of the likely cost based on Euro 6 HGVs supplied since 2014, from rigid 7.5 tonne trucks through to articulated 44 tonne trucks. 

Pricing range guide
Standard oil volume capacity FRS-1 volume required FRS-1 £500/litre
Engine 21 to 44 litres 420 to 880 millilitres £210 £440
Gearbox 7 to 9 litres 140 to 180 millilitres £70 £90
Axle 2 to 3 litres 40 to 60 millilitres £20 £30
Total 30 to 56 litres 600 to 1120 millilitres £300 £560

Prices are a representation of real costs but are not exact as the volume of FRS-1 will vary based on the make and model of HGV engine, gearbox and axle.  Please contact us for exact pricing for your requirements. 

Product information

Find out more about FRS-1 including key features, benefits, application and frequently asked questions.

Application process

Applying FRS-1 to your vehicles is extremely quick and easy. One of the MRS team will visit your site, warm up your vehicles and apply our friction reducer in 5-10 minutes.

Watch our video to see how it’s done.

Engine health check

As part of our service, we offer you a free engine health check to assess the state of your vehicles from the inside out.

This is a third-party assessment that includes a detailed analysis and report on particle, chemical and metal build up in the engine oil.

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