An earth moving and excavations business reduced their HGV fuel costs and CO2 emissions by 10% after applying our revolutionary friction reducing lubricant.

FRS-1 Case Study


Our North West based customer provide earth moving and excavation services across the region. Moving large amounts of earth and spoil to their regeneration plant, they have a fleet of HGV tipper trucks carrying heavy loads over short journeys of 1-20 miles on a daily basis.


With ever increasing business costs and inflationary pressures, our customer was looking for ways to reduce their £30,000 weekly fuel costs. Fuel makes up a significant portion of their operational expenditure which led them to look for a solution.


FRS-1 is a revolutionary oil additive that can be applied to the engine, gear box and transmission of any vehicle and reduces friction, temperature, and wear as a result. 

  1. Reduce Fuel Costs

  2. Reduce CO2 Emissions

  3. Increase Fuel Efficiency

  4. Reduce Vehicle Wear And Tear


Our customer immediately began to see the benefits of FRS-1. Within days, their fuel efficiency had increased and continued improving over the following weeks. The transport manager confirmed that they were filling up their trucks on fewer occasions with FRS-1 applied. He also noted a significant reduction in fuel bills from week 1 of the additive being applied.


"When we were first introduced to FRS-1, we approached it with some skepticism as we couldn’t believe it was as simple and easy as described. We’re really pleased that we were wrong and only wish we applied the additive sooner as the savings are huge!"

"The savings that MRS have helped us achieve have allowed us to offer more competitive pricing, generating more business as a result. Thanks so much MRS!"

"MRS are very easy to do business with and have been totally transparent throughout the process. They provided us with clear telematics data which have made it easy for us to make data-driven decisions."

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Our mission is to remove 20% of fuel costs and CO2 emissions globally.