4 Critical Reasons Neglecting HGV Engine Oil Leads to Inefficiency, Increased Costs and Downtime

Engine oil being administered to a HGV engine.

Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) are the lifeline of the UK, as they support almost every industry in one way or another. They transport food, construction materials commercial goods and just about everything else. Being such an essential part of the economy, it is easy to understand why the maintenance of these assets is so important.

The engine is the beating heart of an HGV, but behind the roar of an HGV engine lies a crucial component that is often overlooked. Engine oil. If an engine is the heart of an HGV, oil is the blood and its significance in HGVs is magnified. Let’s delve into why monitoring and maintaining engine oil in HGVs is paramount for smooth operations, cost efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Lack of Engine Oil Supplements

Engine oil isn’t just a lubricant, it’s a sophisticated blend fortified by supplements designed to protect the engine and enhance efficiency. Oil supplements, like FRS-1, greatly reduce friction, deter corrosion, neutralise acids and help prevent oxidation, optimising engine performance. Whilst all oil supplements deplete over time due to usage and external factors, FRS-1’s superior coating properties means that it will last between services. No matter which oil supplements you use, replenishing them regularly will help to keep your engine at its best. Read more about oil supplements.

Increased HGV Engine Wear and Tear

HGVs endure rigorous journeys, subjecting their engines to extreme temperatures and pressures. Without proper lubrication, friction between engine components can lead to erosion and accelerated wear and tear which, over time, can result in costly repairs, downtime and compromised safety. Regular engine oil monitoring and maintenance ensure that engine parts remain adequately lubricated, extending your vehicle’s lifespan and reducing total cost per mile.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is one of the cornerstones of profitable operations in the transport industry. Oil plays a pivotal role in optimising fuel efficiency by reducing friction and heat within an engine. A well-lubricated engine operates smoothly, requiring less fuel to power through journeys. Neglecting engine oil maintenance can lead to increased fuel consumption, eating into profit margins and contributing more to environmental pollution. Use our Savings Calculator to find out exactly how much you could save with FRS-1.

Greater Emissions

In an era of heightened environmental consciousness, reducing emissions is a pressing concern for the transport and logistics sector. Engine oil maintenance directly impacts emissions by ensuring the engine operates at peak efficiency. Proper lubrication minimises pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, mitigating the environmental footprint of HGVs. By adhering to stringent oil monitoring and maintenance schedules, fleet operators can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability while complying with regulatory standards.

In the dynamic landscape of transport and logistics, the importance of engine oil maintenance in HGVs cannot be overstated. From enhancing engine performance to mitigating environmental impact, regular monitoring and maintenance of engine oil are indispensable practices for fleet operators. By prioritising engine oil care, businesses can ensure the reliability, efficiency and sustainability of their operations, driving success in a highly competitive industry.

Remember, in the world of HGVs, engine oil isn’t just a fluid, it’s the lifeline that keeps the wheels of the UK’s supply chain turning.

If you’d like to discuss how our revolutionary FRS-1 engine oil supplement can enhance your HGVs’ efficiency and drive down your fuel costs, book a call with us through our website or get in touch with us on LinkedIn. We’re also offering a no risk, no obligation free trial for 30 days which will include an engine health check to ensure your HGV is in top condition. We can also provide support with telematics if you need it.