What to expect from your free FRS-1 additive trial

Before booking your free FRS-1 additive trial, you may be wondering what’s involved in the process and what you can expect. Read on for an overview of the processes involved in setting up your free trial, along with answers to any questions you might have.

Step 1: Is your engine healthy?

As part of your free trial, you will receive an engine health check. We do this by taking a sample of your oil which is sent to an independent, third-party lab where it is analysed. We do this to assess the state of the engines in your vehicles, highlighting any issues or findings that you should be aware of. The health check can identify issues like:

  • Levels of wear and potential component failures
  • Oil contamination
  • Oil chemical make up
  • Soot levels

Step 2: Gathering data with telematics

Before we start your free trial, we will need to gather data on the vehicles that you would like to use. If you already have telematics installed, we will require access to 12 months of historical data prior to the test, allowing us to compare the data before and after we apply FRS-1 to your vehicles. 

If you don’t already have telematics installed, we can provide this service for you via our telematics partner, free of charge. We will then require you to operate your vehicles as normal for 4 weeks to gather pre-application data.

Step 3: Applying the additive

Once we have set up and confirmed the telematics on your vehicles, it’s time to apply FRS-1. To do this, we will require your vehicles to be at your site on an agreed date. A member of the MRS Additives team will visit you and apply FRS-1 to your vehicles. This will take around 30 minutes. Because our additive starts working almost immediately, you do not have to wait before getting back on the road.

How to apply our FRS-1 oil additive to an engine.

Step 4: Testing, testing

With FRS-1 applied to your vehicles, the next thing to do is simply, drive. You will operate your vehicles as normal for 4 weeks which will begin the process of gathering the data we will use to show the effects FRS-1.

Step 5: Analysing the results

Using the telematics data gathered before and after the application of FRS-1, we will highlight the effects using key metrics such as fuel economy (MPG) and CO2 emissions. Finally, we will present the findings to you and discuss how you’d like to move forward.


Are there any costs?

This trial is completely free of charge including the engine health check and telematics if needed.

Do you provide insurance?

We provide insurance through Towergate to give you peace of mind and protect you in the unlikely event of an issue arising due to our oil additive. If you have any further questions about our insurance, please get in touch.

Am I committed to buying the additive after the trial?

There is no commitment to placing an order after the trial has finished. We will discuss any options you may wish to pursue in our meeting when we present the findings.

Can I keep the results from the engine health check report?

Yes, this data is yours to keep and use as you wish.

To book your free trial or ask any other questions, contact us here.