How technology will level up your road haulage business in 2024!

Road haulage in 2024

There are a vast number of industries that have adopted technology in the last five years to achieve automation and maximise efficiency. The road haulage industry is one of many industries that have been a bit slower to react, but are beginning to realise the benefits of technology. The road haulage industry is experiencing a big shift towards tech solutions that will redefine efficiency, safety, and sustainability and 2024 may see huge changes within the industry.

Road haulage businesses have historically been cautious about embracing technology, but in recent years, particularly since the pandemic, road haulage has been rapidly catching up with other early adopters. A report from FourKites cited that 62% of the top 250 UK logistics companies rated themselves as ‘not great’ or ‘struggling’ at digitising their supply chain. This shows a clear need and awareness for the digitisation of road haulage in 2024.

What are the benefits of technology in the road haulage industry?

Reduced environmental impact:

  • Adoption of green technologies, such as oil additives and alternative fuels, contribute to reducing carbon emissions and achieving Net Zero targets.
  • Efficient route planning helps to minimise fuel consumption, therefore reducing the environmental impact of road transport.

Improved efficiency and productivity:

  • Integration of GPS tracking, route optimisation, and real-time traffic updates enable companies to streamline operations, reduce idle time and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Automated processes such as load scheduling and inventory management lead to faster turnaround times and increased productivity.

Enhanced safety measures:

  • Advanced safety technologies, such as collision avoidance systems and driver assistance tools, significantly reduce accidents and improve safety for all those on the road.
  • Telematics systems collect data on driving behaviour which can be used to encourage safer and more efficient driving practices.

What barriers are there for technology adoption in the road haulage industry?

  • High initial costs are a common barrier faced by road haulage companies, meaning that it can take a long time before seeing a return on investment.
  • The road haulage industry has deep-rooted methods and culture, sometimes making it harder for stakeholders and leaders to accept change.
  • Cybersecurity has been a concern in every industry whilst onboarding new technology. Protecting sensitive data and ensuring the secure operation of connected systems is crucial for the industry’s success.

The road haulage industry’s adoption of technology is undoubtedly reshaping the way businesses operate. Improving sustainability and safety are amongst the top priorities for road haulage companies in 2024, and technology will play a crucial part in the journey to greener and safer transport. Challenges will be faced along the way, so willingness to accept change and innovation will be key for success.