The Importance of Telematics in HGVs

Blue lorry on the road

Telematics is a method used to monitor vehicles, machinery, and other assets by using GPS technology and on-board diagnostics (OBD). Telematics is an essential management tool for companies operating fleets of HGVs, machinery and more as it enables them to track and measure various KPIs. These KPIs can then be leveraged to identify ways to optimise performance, safety, and efficiency.

What can telematics measure?

Here are some of the key KPIs that can be measured using telematics:

  • Fuel consumption
  • CO2 emissions
  • Efficiency (MPG)
  • Geographic location
  • Vehicle speed
  • Trip distance/duration
  • Idling time
  • Harsh breaking and driving
  • Seat belt use
  • Vehicle faults
  • Battery voltage and other engine data

What can you do with telematics data?

The data gathered from telematics is extremely in-depth and can provide huge value to companies. By monitoring the KPIs mentioned above, opportunities can be identified to improve the efficiency and safety of drivers.

Fleet optimisation – By encouraging drivers to reduce idling time, harsh breaking, and other fuel-guzzling habits, you can massively improve your MPG and save costs in both fuel and asset maintenance.

Sustainability – More efficient fuel consumption will also lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions, a topic that is becoming more important as we edge closer to the UK government’s Net Zero targets.

Safety – Drivers and machine operators are your most important assets. Telematics can increase their safety through behaviour reporting, collision notifications and locating a stolen vehicle.

How do MRS Additives use telematics?

Telematics are extremely important for us as this is how we identify the benefits of our FRS-1 oil additive. Some of the KPIs that we monitor include fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions. We either use the telematics already installed on our customers’ vehicles, or we can get telematics installed for you.

Using telematics, we compare data before and after applying our FRS-1 additive to highlight changes in MPG, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Below you can see how we’ve used telematics show the increase in fuel efficiency from when we applied our FRS-1 additive to a customer’s vehicle.

For more information on telematics or to have a chat about our services, book a quick call with us and we’ll be in touch shortly.