The biggest challenges facing the UK Logistics industry

The UK Logistics industry is under constant pressure from a growing number of external factors. From rising fuel costs to legacy assets that are costly to maintain and replace, the challenges facing the UK Logistics industry aren’t going away any time soon. Demand for faster and cheaper deliveries combined with pressure to reduce CO2 emissions are also becoming more apparent. Fortunately, there are solutions that can significantly mitigate these factors and increase transport businesses’ margins.

According to Endava, some of the biggest challenges logistics companies in the UK are facing include cost of fuel and cost of fleet maintenance. Sustainability has also become an ever-increasing part of the industry, with UK companies feeling the pressure of Government regulations and commitments to becoming Net Zero.

With the infrastructure for electric vehicles years behind demand and hydrogen vehicles far from regular sale, the options to address these challenges seem limited.

Enter FRS-1E.

FRS-1E is our revolutionary engine additive that has been designed to directly reduce the impact of many of the challenges mentioned above. When applied to an engine, FRS-1E lubricates all parts of the targeted area, reducing both friction and temperature. The results are reduced wear and tear, increased fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. Once applied, the additive starts taking effect immediately, with positive results seen within as little as a few days.

This means that with FRS-1E, you can immediately address the biggest challenges facing the UK Logistics industry. Reduce your fuel costs, reduce your maintenance costs, and reduce your CO2 emissions.

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